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AIDS in Africa

World Vision is working with children, families and their communites worldwide to create relief for those jeopardized by HIV and AIDS. 

About World Vision: 

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families and their communities worldwide to tackle the causes of poverty and injustice.They’ve been on the front line of the AIDS crisis since 1990, when they launched there first AIDS-related work to help orphaned children in Rakai, Uganda which is the location believed to be the epicenter for the spread of AIDS in Africa.   

-Two-thirds of all people living with HIV are in Africa.


-Two-thirds of all new HIV infections are in Africa.
-Three-quarters of all AIDS-related deaths are in Africa… in a place that’s home to just over one-tenth of the world’s population.
World Vision’s response:
-770,000 children in Africa received values-based HIV-prevention training in 2006 alone.
-615,000 orphaned and vulnerable children received care and assistance.
-11,000 church leaders were mobilized to respond to the AIDS crisis. . . . World Vision has been on the front lines of the AIDS crisis in Africa since 1990.
 Donate to World Vision: 

Want to learn more about how you can make a lasting difference in the fight against HIV and AIDS?  

Step into Africa for a moment.
You’re a young child affected by the AIDS crisis.
Many girls in your village get taken and raped then end up with AIDS.

You look around your scared because you know there are wild animals out there, but your brother tells you there’s much more to be scared of.
Around the world, another person dies because of AIDS every 15 seconds.
Your loved ones have all gone. 
But no statistic can help you understand the suffering, of those who are dying from aids, and those who are left behind this will only increase unless we respond.

You can help by donating to world vision, which will help provide a better future for everyone living with aids. Just visit or 13 32 40 and find it in your hearts to donate to the lives of the less fortunate. 

As an Individual:
You can give life-saving help and lasting hope to a child orphaned or made vulnerable by AIDS. Your monthly gifts will provide access to basic life necessities and give your sponsored child hope for a better future through things like education, counseling, and HIV-prevention training based on biblical values.


As a Group: Donate a Caregiver Kit You can assemble Caregiver Kits as a hands-on way of showing God’s unconditional love and encouraging these selfless, courageous volunteers. 

Corporations: Did you know that many corporations match the donations their employees make to World Vision? Find out how you can double your donations at no extra cost to you!

Product Donation: World Vision accepts not only financial donations but also product donations. Learn more about the types of product donations World Vision accepts, how donation benefits your corporation, and about how donated products impact the lives of children. 

Churches: Find out how your Church can get involved with World Vision and respond to the global AIDS pandemic 

You can sponsor a child;for as little as a $1 a day and give them a future to look forward to, click the link below. 

Sponsor a Child 

Send a donation whether it’s $2 or $200 you can help make a difference just by clicking the link below


 Make a child smile, by sending a gift, it’s really is easy, just select an item in the Gift Catalogue by clicking on the link below.

Send a Gift  

Every Donation helps make a difference no matter how big or small and your generosity is greatly appreciated.  


Podcast and Commercial: 

(Email me-  for  a Commercial and Podcast based on AIDS in Africa.) 

   Thanks for taking the time to listen to the commercial and podcast. Tell me what you thought or check out the following links for more entertainment. My names Jaimi Robinson and you just heard my Podcast and Commercial designed to persuade you the listeners to donate to the Word Vision charity. 

Twitter Boom Radio 

Boom Radio 

For More Information on World Vision- AIDS in Africa please visit the link below: 



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