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hey guys, im 16, im pretty out going but why should we change ourselves to satisfy others :) Im currently studying cert three in radio at Perth Central Institute of Technology which is actually the amsomest course ever. I love going to concerts/festivals or anything revovling around music, i love hanging out with friends and family, going to the beach :), skateboarding hehe especially at nightime, dancing and jumping on beds, singing, hanging around the city, going out places with no set destination and finding new adventures :) My life is never dull and im always doing random things but lifes to short to be boring :) I love going on myspace and msn and i guess facebook is ok haha but usually if you want to get in contact with me it would be by calling/ texting me. I guess i use my phone way to much and i get told that i should get off my phone heaps of times a day but hey its a free country:) No one has original ideas these days so mabey i can change that? which is why i want to become a radio presenter, or somehow involved in the radio industry. If you want to know more just either email me on or add me on myspace or facebook. :) Have a nice day :) ♥

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